It is Time for a CH-UH School Board that is Accountable to the Community.

Election Day is November 2

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We are PRO Public Education

Student Centered Education

100% Student & Family Satisfaction

Improve Special Education Services

Maximize Classroom Funding

Fiscal Transparency & Responsibility

Education Excellence & Opportunities for Every Student

Your VOTE matters more than EVER.

The last two years have been challenging. Our community is divided, and many residents are struggling emotionally and financially. The biggest driver of disappointment and debate is our school board’s unwillingness to look for financial solutions other than constant tax levies. This is YOUR chance to have YOUR voice heard. There are THREE school board seats up for grabs.

Charles Drake

Charles is a strong advocate for public education and excellence in the classroom. When elected, Charles will work to ensure equity and fairness for all of our district schools; focus on balancing our ever-increasing expenses with decreasing enrollment; and ensure building safety and security for all teachers and students.

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Maureen 'Mo' Lynn

Mo has been the driving force behind the “We Love Living in the Heights” campaign. When elected, Maureen will request an independent performance audit by the Ohio Auditor of State; reduce unnecessary overhead to maximize classroom funding; and present an accurate and transparent 5-year financial forecast with no shortfalls.

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Mordechai Rennert

Mordechai has two children with special educational needs and has experienced endless red tape while trying to access public education benefits. When elected, Mordechai will ensure special ed families receive the services promised in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA); support equitable education; and ensure legal compliance with statutes.

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State Performance Audit

The last time the CHUH Schools conducted a State Performance Audit was in 1999 and $6-7 Million in savings was identified.  Since then,  the Schools have managed to pass nearly $50 Million in Levies and a $135 Million Bond.  These never ending Levies must END.  We will find the inefficiencies, overspending and cost savings so that maximum amount of funding goes to the STUDENTS!

View Petition signed by over 2,000 CHUH citizens requesting this Audit.

Levy History

Transparency is a MUST

For too long, the Administrators in the Schools have been mismanaging the taxpayer funding.   We will be transparent and honest with the generous funding received.

-  In 2018, the finance department wired over $835,000 to a fraudulent vendor and the money was subsequently moved out of the country.

-  In 2019, Ohio Auditor of State determined that the Schools illegally spent taxpayer funding on a Survey to push their Levy agenda.  We will STOP corruption such as this.

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Balanced 5 Year Forecast

For 25 years the School Board has  never able to provide a balanced 5-year forecast.   There are always significant unsustainable deficits.  This is completely unacceptable and irresponsible. 

5-Year Forecast

Special Education

Every child deserves an excellent education regardless of their abilities.  It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure that students with special needs succeed with the necessary resources afforded to them.  We will fight for special needs students and their families to receive the assistance and resources they need.

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Conflict of Interest Policy

Public trust in the Board and its representatives is paramount. We will institute a 'Conflict of Interest Policy' to insure that board appointments are made with integrity. As appropriate, no appointments will be made where any individual may benefit personally or financially from their involvement in committees such as lay finance, lay facilities etc.


Safety & Security

Safety and security must remain a top priority for the students and staff.  Procedures & policies need to be enforced  to keep the schools' learning environment safe and secure where staff can focus on the needs of the students who they serve.
Regarding COVID, we are not medical experts.  Therefore, we will follow the Cuyahoga County Board of Health recommendations which is that all students and teachers wear masks regardless of their vaccination status

Board of Health Guidance

Ohio Fair School Funding Bill (HB110)

The passage of the Fair School Funding Plan creates a more equitable, stable, and predictable revenue stream for Ohio schools. CHUH Schools have insisted that the financial need for past Levies was because of the cost of 'Vouchers'. Fortunately, a major feature of the Fair School Funding Plan is the direct funding of these vouchers.  In other words, the State will assume the financial burden for vouchers and directly fund them.

CUPP Report Expenditure & Revenue per Pupil

Based on Treasurer Gainer's comments below, the passing of this Bill will now yield significant saving for the Schools.  Here are the 'Total Vouchers' expenditures  from the 5-Year Forecast.  
$ 16,250,000  in 2022 
$ 17,050,000 in 2023

"The District has seen significant losses in State funding due to the EdChoice voucher program, which diverts funding from designated public schools for students to attend private schools. The District lost $7.1 million to these vouchers during the fiscal year, and this number is expected to grow to $9.2 million in fiscal year 2021"

Treasurer Scott Gainer

2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

"City Council passed a resolution a few weeks ago at my request supporting the changes listed in HB 110 as a fair way of funding schools. It would do away with much of the EdChoice voucher system which has cost our system millions of dollars and caused it to ask for a tax increase that would not have been needed if the state funded the voucher system it imposed on the public school system."

Melody Joy Hart

CH Council Member
May 2021

CHUH Schools Statistics


Highest School District Property Tax Rate in Ohio

Overly Generous Admin Benefits

Superintendent Kirby Contract Summary

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